Beads from Briare: now available

My first book on the production of Prosser beads from the French village of Briare is now available on It can be bought as a paper book, or an ebook.

Below you can find part of the introduction of the book, and some of the pictures featured in the book.


Beads are good at telling stories. Stories of people, craftsmen, trade and fashion. The beads from Briare in France tell the story of the industrial revolution, global trade and an entrepeneur from France. Industrial advancement in Europe changed the way we work, cook, travel, and the way we make beads.
In this book you can find the story of how beads suddenly were produced so much quicker, so much cheaper, and on a completely new scale. It is the story of a bead revolution from France.

The book starts off with a general description of trade beads and the production of glass beads in chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 3 shows how Prosser beads are made. In chapters 4 and 5 the focus is on the Bapterosses factory in Briare and the beads that were manufactured there, including the dumpsite of tiles, buttons and beads in Briare. Chapter 6 deals with the competition between different beadmakers in Europe. The final conclusion on the role of beadmaking in Briare in the worldwide trade and production of beads makes up the last chapter.