Now available: Beads from Jablonec

Now available: Beads from Jablonec

After many trips to Jablonec Nad Nisou over the last few years, I have finally finished my book ‘Beads from Jablonec’. It describes the history of beadmaking in the Czech town Jablonec Nad Nisou from the start, centuries ago, to present day.

I call it ‘ a history in beads’, as the history of the town and it’s inhabitants is so closely linked to the industry of beads, glass and jewelry in the region. Important historical moments, such as the end of WWII or the fall of the communist regime are mirrored by changes in the bead industry.

The book is available for a free download in PDF here: Beads from Jablonec.  Please note: it is a large file, 37 MB. Download may take a while.
Please feel free to share this book, so many people can learn of the history of beadmaking in Jablonec.

The book is also available in print from the online publisher Blurb. You can fink a link to my book here.


About Floor Kaspers
My home looks like a bead museum. This blog is intented to share the bead-filled contents of my home and head with the world.

3 Responses to Now available: Beads from Jablonec

  1. Olga Klinkenberg says:

    Hoi Flor wat een mooi book heb je gemaakt ik heb hem gedownload. Ik ben ook heel blij mee.
    We hebben elkaar gezien en gesprokken bij Jannine.

  2. Lori Seavey says:

    I enjoyedreading the downloaded book. I will be going to Jablonec nad Nisou in uly and look forward to bringing some beads back to the US with me. How do the prices compare to what we buy here?

    • Hi, depending on which shops you are going, it can indeed be quite a lot cheaper. Most of the fun is in finding the older beads. If you email me at info at beadmuseum dot com, I will give you some more information on fun places to go.

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